Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Final Report on PLN

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Since my last report on my PLN, I have added five new links.

  • Alabama Virtual Library: I chose to add this link because it seems very useful. It can be used as a research tool for personal use or classroom use. I can advise my students to use this website in appropriate situations.
  • ALEX: I chose to add a link to the Alabama Learning Exchange because after our assignment for this website I decided that it would be very useful to have this site right at my fingertips. I know I will use this site when I begin teaching.
  • Mr. Bill Genereux, Ms. Angela Maiers, and Mr. McClung's World: I added links to the listed people's blogs. At some point during this semester I was assigned to read/post something about/on their blogs and I was either really impressed, really moved, or really motivated by all of them. Since my required visits to their blog, I have since returned to read their latest updates and what not and I know I will continue to visit!

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