Saturday, April 16, 2011

Blog Assignment 12

There are two things that I would recommend as assignments for EDM310 students. One was a youtube video that I came across and the other is a blog post that I read for one of my Comments for Teachers assignments. The reason I picked the youtube video was because I feel it really shows the many benefits of using technology, like the SmartBoard, in the classroom and how many different types of learners can be accommodated. As for the blog post I am suggesting, I was really motivated after reading it for a previous assignment. I basically wrote Mr. Genereux a book when I left him a comment. I think this would be a beneficial reading for EDM310 students.

smartboard in a classroom

YouTube Video
Watch this video titled Integrating Technology in the Classroom. After you watch the video, write a blog post with your reactions.

My reactions: This video shows technology being used in different classrooms, with different age groups, to help them learn all different types of things. They talk to several different teachers who discuss the benefits of using a SmartBoard type of product in their classroom. Several of the benefits they discuss are that it allows them to reach more kids with different types of learning, immediate feedback on whether or not the students are comprehending, creating more excitement for learning, and grasping the attention of today's students. If only every classroom could have a SmartBoard!

Blog Post
Read the blog post Kids At Work by Bill Genereux. Leave him a comment with your reactions and then discuss your reactions in your blog post.

My comment: My name is Kelsey Robinson and I am a student in Dr. Strange’s EDM310 class at the University of South Alabama. I have been assigned to follow your blog for the next two weeks. After reading this first post, I really look forward to reading more!

I watched the video that you have embedded and it really makes me happy to see a classroom full of kids learning while having fun. So it gets a little noisy, and sometimes a little chaotic, but seeing students actually enjoy learning is truly amazing; can it get much better than that? As you stated, real science learning does not come from a textbook but rather, it comes from asking questions and experimenting solutions. I, personally, do not think this is just the case for science. Not all students learn the same way; not all students can understand a concept from just reading about it or being lectured to about it. Incorporating hands-on activities, collaborative assignments, and other various interactive ways of learning, can help all students learn.

I agree with your statement about the uncomfortableness that some people have over such videos involving kids. In my opinion, withholding these types of videos, is also “damaging”. In a recent assignment for this class, I responded to a video by posting this statement on my blog:

” “Ideas do not belong to us individually but they belong to us as a culture. We as educators must be in the business of sharing ideas freely.” This is such a powerful statement by Richard Miller. The internet, this virtual world, allows us to share our knowledge with people all over the world. As educators, if we are not sharing our ideas with other people, how can we even begin to say that we are doing our jobs?”

This is truly something for everyone to think about when they begin to hesitate in sharing a video like this on the internet. I agree, ten-thousand times, with your closing argument: “We seem to be always seeking ways to get more adults involved in education. Video is such a powerful communication tool, but we ignore or shun it because we don’t understand it. It is simply time to learn more.” It can be said any better than that.
As I previously said, I greatly look forward to reading more of your posts! Here is a link to my EDM310 class blog, feel free to visit if you would like and thank you very much for sharing your blog with us.

Kelsey Robinson


  1. "If only every classroom could have a SmartBoard!" Mobile and Baldwin counties are close to that goal!

  2. First off, GREAT post Kelsey! Your post, along with your blog, is wonderful!

    I think the video that you have shared is a wonderful way to help those who are unaware of technological uses in the classroom just how important technology can be! It would also be very useful for creating ideas and being used as stimuli!

    The blog post was wonderful, too! Real learning is such a wonderful thing!

    Great post! Keep up the hard work! Only 2 weeks left!!!